Welcome to Penobscot

Annual Town Elections on Monday, March 6. Nominees are:

  • Select person, Assesor, and Overseer: Philip Rapp
  • Road Commissioner: William Hutchins
  • School Committee (2 openings): Charles Brenton, Anne Hayes-Grillo

The Annual Town Meeting will be held Tuesday, March 7 at 7 p.m. at the Penobscot Community School.

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About Penobscot

P00392-Barn_PenobscotPenobscot takes its name from the Abenaki-Penobscot word “Penobskeag” or “Penopeauke,” signifying a rocky place.

The town encompasses one small mountain, a ridge of fertile farmland, several blueberry fields, a peat bog, shoreline on three ponds, and more than 18 miles of shoreland on Northern Bay of the Bagaduce River.

At one time larger than Bangor in population, with flourishing trades in brick-making, blueberry and vegetable canning, home and machine knitting, shipping, and the manufacturing of fish barrels, lime casks, carriages, harnesses and coffins, Penobscot now has around 1300 residents, many making a living with home-based businesses and family farms.

Some of these residents are descendants of early settlers; some arrived more recently and have become part of the community. Others enjoy living here in the summer only, and some are part of the assisted living center, one of the largest employers in town, along with the K-8 school and the general store.

Penobscot’s woods and wetlands are home to deer, bears, foxes, beavers, otters, osprey, eagles, hawks, songbirds, turkey, raccoons, skunks, porcupines, and the occasional moose.