What’s New?

We are glad to have a place on the internet that is all our own, a place where we can see what new is going on in town, find information about the town government and services, or look up tax information. The website is still growing, benefiting from your comments, critiques, and suggestions you send our way. Please keep the feedback coming!

Here is what is new for the month of January:

  • Added single sort recycling guidance to the Transfer Station page, courtesy of the Peoples’ Forum of Penobscot
  • Corrected information about completing the Marriage Intentions Form
  • Separated Activities into individual pages with an independent sidebar for easy navigation
  • Added a link to the State of Maine Geoparcel Viewer to the Tax Maps page

December Updates:

November Updates:

  • New links to ordinances and registrations so they are easier to navigate within the Local Government section
  • Added Burn Permit to “Registrations, Licenses, & Permits”
  • Added Shellfish Warden and Committee to “Town Officials”
  • Added Shellfish License to “Registrations, Licenses, & Permits”
  • Corrected information about Alewife Committee
  • Corrected biographical information about Selectmen
  • Removed outdated photograph of Post Office