People’s Forum of Penobscot

Grass-Roots Democracy in Action

The People’s Forum of Penobscot is a non-partisan, non-political group of citizens, 18 or older, who conduct unbiased, fact-based analyses of issues facing our town. Requests for Forum support come from the Selectmen and Town Committees.

As the Board of Selectmen explain: “The time commitment from the Board for the administration of town affairs already exceeds that which is often available, so having the help of the People’s Forum is very valuable. We are grateful to all who have participated in the past and look forward to working with those who are willing to help on these vital issues confronting the Town of Penobscot.”

To date, the Forum has investigated issues surrounding waste disposal, recycling, and implementation of this website. The Forum is currently investigating issues of school sustainment and high speed internet access.

The People’s Forum is always accepting new participants to help analyze issues or to support the forum by responding to opinion polls and commenting on Forum reports. Forum participants practice grass-roots democracy and exercise their rights to assist local government in making decisions that affect the well being of our community. While the Forum focuses on helping Penobscot, the concept could spread to other communities and eventually provide citizen problem-solving assistance to all levels of government. Social innovation must start somewhere – why not Penobscot!  

To become a Forum Supporter or to attend a Forum meeting and learn more about the People’s Forum of Penobscot, please contact Dick Hutchinson (326-9751)