Transfer Station


  • Tuesday 8 AM-4 PM
  • Saturday 8 AM-4 PM

Stickers required – available at transfer station.

Single Sort Recycling

The Penobscot Transfer Station accepts single sort recycling. Recyclables are held in the garage at the Transfer Station and periodically compacted and hauled to a recycling center in Winterport. Place mixed recyclables into a clear plastic garbage bag, paper bags, or cardboard boxes and place in the shed at the transfer station. They no longer need to be sorted by type. The following recyclables are accepted:

Paper – all types of paper, cardboard (flattened), and cartons that are relatively clean and dry. Do not tie up newspaper.

Plastic – all types of ridged plastic containers (#1-7), except styrofoam

Metal – all types of empty cans, foil, pots and pans.

The following are not accepted: plastic wrap, plastic bags, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, Tyvek, string or twine, food, liquids, batteries, light bulbs, electronics, clothing, diapers, toys, hazardous waste (including chemicals, fuels, mercury, paints, thinners, needles, sharp objects), home/demolition waste (such as vinyl siding, window glass, gas or propane containers). Glass must continue to go in its same place at the Transfer Station.

More detailed recycling instructions and guidelines can be found here: Recycling Guidelines