Penobscot Transfer Station

Mill Creek Road    Hours: Tuesday 8 AM-4 PM and Saturday 8 AM-4 PM

In the event of a power outage, the transfer station will be closed.

Stickers required – available at transfer station. Keep to the right of the building driving in.

List of Recyclables for Town of Penobscot and drop off locations

Penobscot 11-12-2023 Recycling Options Table

The town of Penobscot has a contract with Penobscot [County] Energy Recovery Company (PERC) in Orrington, a waste-to-energy facility accepting municipal solid waste (MSW) for combustion to produce electricity for sale on the grid. Through the combustion process, PERC reduces the volume requiring landfill disposal by approximately 90%, thereby preserving precious landfill space.

Acceptable waste for transfer to PERC includes household waste, combustible over-sized bulky waste (such as passenger car and pickup truck tires without rims), asphalt shingles, wooden furniture, carpet including rugs, pallets, plastic items, demolition wood, and textiles.

Acceptable with fees: Demolition shingles – $15/square; chair or couch – $10 disassembled; white goods containing freon, such as refrigerators – $10 freon removal fee. (The freon will be removed before they go on the metal pile for recycling.)

Unacceptable waste includes unsorted demolition or construction debris from building and roadway projects or locations containing materials including, but not limited to, sheetrock, inert materials (aggregate, bricks, concrete), asbestos-containing materials; abandoned or junk vehicles; hazardous waste; dead animals or portions thereof.

NOT acceptable:

  • Mattresses and box springs (ask attendant how to dispose of these)
  • Paint – Only empty paint cans or cans with hardened paint are accepted. (See state website for possible recycling sites for paint in cans with intact labels and no rust. Call site first to confirm that the information is current.)
  • Electronic waste, including, without limitation, television sets, radios, computers, computer monitors, and accessories, all determined by PERC. If there is a county-level e-waste collection day scheduled, it will be posted on the town website.

The Maine DEP website has a map of locations where you can recycle some materials which should not go in incinerators or landfills:

Help ME Recycle – electronics, fluorescent bulbs and mercury thermostats –

Locally accepted waste, to be recycled:

Glass – MUST go in glass pile, not in dumpster

Metal – white goods not containing freon, other metal larger than a tin can

Leaves or grass cuttings ONLY, in designated area

Used motor oil ONLY (no fuel)

Cardboard egg cartons, 1 dozen size only

Clean newspapers

Returnable (clean) bottles and cans. Deposits collected for these help to fund Penobscot Day fireworks.

Note: Some residents have formed a Penobscot Recycling Group to look into further options for recycling. For more information, contact the Town Clerk.