Emergency Preparedness

Do you know what to do in the event of an evacuation order? Do you have the supplies you need on-hand to make it through an extended snowstorm or ice storm with loss of power?

Emergency preparedness is about having a plan and the resources to handle an emergency when it occurs, whether it is a severe weather event, a hazardous spill, a disease outbreak, or some other event that can threaten our community. Put together and maintain a disaster kit for your family that has enough supplies to last a minimum of three days. Create a plan for your family that identifies meeting places and procedures for specific types of emergencies that may be likely in our community, such as fires or severe snow storms. Practice these procedures with your family.

The website Ready.gov contains substantial information about planning for specific types of emergencies and creating an emergency response plan for your family. Information is also available from the American Red Cross, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Federal Emergency Management Administration.

The Hancock County Emergency Management Agency assists Hancock County communities with emergency planning by providing guidance, planning models, home study courses, and workshops on emergency management to local communities. The agency coordinates response and recovery in declared disasters when more than one department is responding to a threat; the disaster extends beyond the normal mutual aid boundaries of the affected community, or when several communities are involved. The Hancock County Hazard Mitigation Plan is available online here.