Upcoming Election – Request Absentee Ballot Now

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Absentee ballots should be requested before the end of October as they must be received at the Town Office by the end of Election Day. Registered voters may fill out an application online (see below) and have an absentee ballot mailed to them, or they may vote on an absentee ballot at the town office during the Town Clerk’s regular hours, by Thursday, November 1.

Residents who are not registered to vote may register with the Town Clerk and may vote the same day.

Request an absentee ballot online at: https://www.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/AbsenteeBallot/index.pl

The system of ranked-choice voting will be used only for the federal offices of US House of Reresentatives and US Senate. For more information about ranked-choice voting, visit the state’s RCV Resources page:


The referendum question and bond issues to be voted on can be found on the state website:


Sample ballots will be posted at the Town Office and the Post Office.