Town Meeting Results

Results of voting at the March 6 portion of the annual Town Meeting were as follows:
Ballots cast 188
Selectman, Assessor, Overseer (3-year term)
Philip Rapp 167 votes
School Committee (3-year term) – two seats
Charles Brenton 143 votes
(Write-in) Tanya Astbury 72 votes
Finance Committee (3-year term)
No candidates
Warrant article T3 (regarding the George Stevens Academy request for supplemental tuition)
Yes 95
No 89
At the March 7 Town Meeting, all articles were approved, with one article at a higher amount
than the published Finance Committee recommendation (T13, $4384 moved and approved for
the Blue Hill Library donation).
Appreciation was extended to outgoing School Committee member Ann Hayes-Grillo and to
outgoing School Union 93 Superintendent Reg Ruhlin.