PFD’s New Engine #4

Penobscot Fire Department's new Engine 4.

Penobscot Fire Department’s new Engine 4 arrived in Penobscot in mid-February. The town saved for the truck over a period of five years. In 2015, Hugh Evans and his son, Alex Turanski, rode their bikes across the country to raise funding for the truck and support for local volunteer fire departments everywhere. The truck replaces the department’s 1978 Mack. Although iconic, the Mack’s double clutch and temperamental nature limited it’s usefulness in responding to emergency situations.

The fire department has been training with the new apparatus to become familiar with its functions and capabilities. One new capability is the “Pump Governor,” a computerized module that regulates pressure and flow from the water tank to the hoses. The Governor interfaces with the engine and the pump to automatically regulate pressure and prevent fluctuations that could otherwise put firefighters at risk. The truck also has a built in foam tank, which allows for convenient storage and immediate use of foam to help smother a fire.¬†Overall, the fire department is impressed with the new truck and is glad to have the added capability to help keep our town safe.


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