People’s Forum of Penobscot Completes First Look at School Sustainment

At the Penobscot selectmen’s request, a Penobscot People’s Forum team has been looking into the issue of low student enrollment along with high per-pupil costs at the Penobscot Community School. In Phase 1 of the School Sustainment project, the team looked at the current situation, the background, and the factors involved.

The Forum team has produced a report detailing the results of their Phase 1 analysis, which can be accessed here. The Forum is preparing to begin Phase 2, during which the team will investigate options to increase student enrollment, to lower school costs, and to respond to the possibility of the school enrollment dropping at Penobscot Community School. Any suggestions on options for the team to explore in Phase 2 may be sent to:

Jan Carpenter ( or

David Jolly (

Co-facilitators, School Sustainment Team