General Office Updates

March 1st, 2021 Voting and March 2nd, 2021 Town Meeting: 

Town Reports are available at the town office and will be available at the meeting.

Voting: Location to be held at the Penobscot Fire Department, Penobscot, Maine, on Monday, the 1st day of March 2021.

Town Meeting: Location to be held at the Penobscot Community School Gymnasium, Penobscot, Maine, on Tuesday, March 2, 2021. The meeting will begin at 7:00pm.

The School Articles in the Warrant will be taken care of first, followed by the Town Articles.

Please click on the link to be directed to the warrant articles to be discussed. Town Meeting Warrant

**Due to precautions resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, the attending public in the gymnasium is limited to a total of 50 people. Any overflow of voters and guests will attend via video or audio conference held in additional classrooms at the school. All attendees will be required to wear Covid 19 suitable face coverings.**

Town Clerk Business:

Sally Bridges, the Town Clerk is out on medical leave. If you have questions about vital records, 911 addresses, voter registration, etc, please call the office at 207-326-4364 and leave a message on the voicemail or with staff to pass along to Sally. Or  send an email to Sally will return your message as soon as possible. She will not be holding regular office hours.

If you would like to register your dog(s), please see Elizabeth Hutchins or Elizabeth Gray during their office hours. Please bring in proof of each dog(s) rabies vaccination records. It is $6.00 for spayed/neutered and $11.00 for un-spayed/neutered per dog.

Planning Board Update:

The planning board normally meets the first Tuesday of each month during fall/ winter season. Due to the spike in Covid cases and the number of people allowed in the building at the same time, the planning board will not be having in person meetings until further notice. Please contact the Planning Board Chairman- Dana Willis at 207-460-6276 with questions. Or contact Code Enforcement Officer/ Plumbing Inspector Don Baker 207-356-2309. 


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Town Meeting Warrant

February 21, 2021 0

Greetings: In the name of the State of Maine, you are hereby required to warn and notify the inhabitants of the Town of Penobscot, who […]

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Town Office

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Town Clerk - Sally Bridges
Office Hours:

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Tax Collector - Elizabeth Hutchins
Deputy Tax Collector - Elizabeth Gray
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