Comprehensive Planning Committee

Penobscot is starting the process to update its Comprehensive Plan, which was last produced in 1997. This page provides information about the Comprehensive Planning Committee, meeting minutes, and other information. The Committee is currently in the process of seeking additional members. Please contact the Town Office if you are interested in being on the committee.


The Selectboard of Penobscot established a Comprehensive Planning Committee on December 18, 2018 for the purpose of preparing a Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Penobscot.

Committee members are:


Jonathan Albrecht, Vice-Chair
Bundy Boit
Bailey Bowden
Edward DeVito, Secretary
Barbara Dillon Hillas
Jim Henry
Rich Hewitt
Elizabeth Leclerc, Chair
Sara Leighton
Virginia Liberatore, Co-Secretary
Arthur Washburn
Maggie Williams


1997 Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Planning Informational Presentation